Preventative Maintenance Inspections

Key inspection tests carried out as and when you need them

Regular PMI Inspection

Under the terms of your Operators License issued by DVSA, your LGV, HGV and PSV vehicles will be required to have regular safety inspections (PMI Inspection - Preventative Maintenance Inspection), at intervals based on the vehicles age, mileage and use.

To help you meet these requirements, we offer 6  weekly inspections from £120.00 + vat.

We also offer the following individual services on a one-off basis:

  • Headlight Aim & Adjustment

    £15.00 + vat

  • Exhaust Emission Check

    £20.00 + vat

  • HGV & PSV Brake Testing

    £15.00 + vat per axle

A guide to safety inspection intervals

An inspection frequency would normally range below for examples of operating conditions.

Operating Conditions Frequency
Lightly loaded vehicles – easy operating conditions6 - 13 weeks
General haulage – trunking5 - 10 weeks
Arduous work – constant heavy loads4 - 8 weeks
Off road–difficult conditions4 weeks
Vehicle 12 years or older6 weeks
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